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About Mission Control

Welcome to Mission Control Business Services (MCBS), your go-to place for solving all of your business puzzles.

MCBS, a “virtual assistance” business serving the Berkshires and around the world, can help you pull together the pieces of your business that can sometimes keep you from achieving your goals. Those pieces are most likely different for each person, but you probably know what yours are. Our list of services is a sampling of the tasks that we can take over for you, often the ones you love to hate, which will allow you to focus on doing the things you’re good at so you can grow your business. The time you save by outsourcing the things you don’t enjoy, or don’t know how to do, or simply don’t have time for will make an enormous difference in your day, week or month, depending on the service. The other difference you will quickly realize is the difference in your bottom line.

Partnering with a Virtual Assistant with MCBS is an investment in your business, an investment that ensures you have the time, energy and resources to bring your business to the next level, without having to be concerned with taking on additional staff and everything that entails. Think about it: when you hire someone you also become responsible for payroll, payroll taxes, insurance, time off and any other benefits your business offers, in addition to providing the space and equipment an additional employee requires.

With the virtual assistance provided by MCBS you have none of those concerns. Instead, you clearly communicate your needs to us and we see the task through to completion. With MCBS you get a professional team at a distance, “virtual” assistants who work primarily from our own home offices. We communicate with you mostly through email, phone and the occasional fax if needed. We make the effort to understand you and your business and the ways virtual assistance can support you, which then frees you up to focus on your priorities. We’re flexible, so you can get the smart, cost-effective virtual assistance you need, when you need it – hourly, monthly, for a one-time project or on a retainer. Bottom line? You pay only for the time spent on a particular task, with none of the extras tacked on. Over the long term that can really add up.

Think of Mission Control Business Services as your virtual office. We’re able to adapt to new directions and the changing conditions in which you’re doing business. We never forget that our endeavors are exciting, interesting and rewarding, and that partnerships are the essence of success. Isn’t it time for you to take on a new partner, and fit those puzzle pieces together? Consider project managers Sheena Evans-Morris and Sharon Palma your new business partners. Send us an email at or give one of us a call at the numbers below and we’ll figure out how to help you. We look forward to working with you and making you successful. After all, when you are successful, we are successful.

Sheena: 413-717-0479 / Sharon: 413-358-8846

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