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There are so many things

in our lives that can be counted with a “Top 10” list and we at MCBS figured we’d share a few of our current ones with you, hoping to put a smile on your face and give you something fun to think about during your busy day.

Top 10 ways to make your work environment yours. Whether you work at home, in a large space with a small cubicle or have an elegant office of your own, here are some ideas that can make your workday better and happier

10 – Surround yourself with pictures of family/pets
9 – Be sure to include pictures of your favorite places
8 – Motivational sayings will keep your spirits up and keep you focused
7 – Have low calorie, healthy snacks in your desk
6 – Keep a water bottle handy and don’t forget to use it!
5 – If possible, have a scented candle nearby for relaxing aromatherapy
4 – Hang a wall calendar of your choice (animals, scenery, sports, etc.)
3 – Place a fun mouse pad on your desk
2 – Your favorite/lucky pen should always be handy
1 – Make a picture of your dream vacation spot your screen saver

Top 10 reasons to consider partnering with a Virtual Assistant
10 – Your life will be so much easier
9 – You’ll make more money
8 – You get to hand off the tasks you hate to do
7 – You’ll have more time to focus on your business
6 – No worries about who to hire
5 – No additional expenses associated with a project
4 – No need to be concerned with office “politics”
3 – You pay only for hours worked
2 – You gain a beneficial business partner
1 – The investment in your business will pay dividends for many years to come

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