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Deal with those papers

Do you sometimes find yourself buried under mounds of paper, not knowing (or caring?) what much of it is for? One easy way to begin the process of digging out is to handle each piece of mail you receive in one of three ways immediately. If it’s important and can be dealt with right away, do it now. If not put it on the “immediate” pile. If it’s important but can wait, file it in an appropriate place such as an inbox. If it’s junk or something you will probably never deal with, recycle it now. Any non-business but potentially interesting reading should go home with you, or if you ARE in your home office, put this paper in another room to be read during leisure time.

Every day, slowly go through more of the accumulated paper until it’s all sorted, then promise yourself you’ll stay on top of it. You’ll feel much lighter during your day by doing this.

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