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Helpful Stretches

As we stated in the introduction to this section, we’re not doctors or physical therapists, but we’ve spent enough time at desks to know how stiff and achy we get if we don’t get up and move once in a while.

Think how much more comfortable and productive you would be if you gave your body and your mind an occasional break. To that end, we will be sharing with you some of our favorite stretches. We’ll post one each week for as long as they last, and all will be archived here so you can check back for your favorites.

To start you off, we’ll tell you about Proper posture, which is the key to keeping your body aligned. Sitting properly will improve your energy and your mood while keeping the rest of you comfortable. How do you align your body properly? The most important thing is to sit on your “sit bones”. To find these sharp bones simply place your hands under your buttocks and rock back and forth. When you lean forward your body aligns on top of your “sit bones and your back straightens, your chest expands and your shoulders, neck and head fall into place. If you sit back on your tailbone you will notice everything drops and sags, and if you sit that way for long your mood will follow. Sit back up and let your shoulders relax, soften your jaw and lower your chin. Take a few deep breaths and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to get back to work. Do this often during the day and you’ll be much more comfortable.

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