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Internet Marketing




The Internet is one of the most amazing resources known to modern man – at least that’s how we at MCBS feel about it. It seems there is little, if anything, that you cannot find online. It also seems there are almost limitless possibilities for reaching out and touching your clients, customers and guests.

One of our favorite tools for Internet Marketing is Constant Contact®. You see it mentioned several places on this site, in the signature of each one of our emails, and on many of the online newsletters you subscribe to.

It is an easy, effective, and highly affordable email marketing tool that allows you to get your message out to your customers, clients or guests – and build strong, successful, and lasting relationships with them. You’re able to create high-impact email newsletters and promotions in minutes, with no technical expertise needed. There are hundreds of customizable templates to choose from, or you may create your own. It’s easy to manage your contact lists, sign up website visitors, track your clicks and open rates, and send automated communications to new subscribers.

MCBS is a business partner with Constant Contact® and as such we are able to provide you with a 60-day free trial account, whether you choose to do all of the work yourself, or instead choose to have MCBS manage your account and your communications. If you’d like more information about working with MCBS and using Constant Contact® click here and sign up for your free trial, then let us know how we can help you bring more paying customers through your door.


Social Media, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as dozens more, has taken the world by storm over the past several years and it seems that it’s to everyone’s advantage to become involved on some level. As most people in business know, it’s all about relationships, and what better way to form relationships with clients and potential clients than to allow them to get to know you through your social media interactions. Building trust is the key ingredient in any lasting relationship, and putting your best business self forward through Social Media shows your target markets that you can be trusted.

Most “experts” advise all businesses to have a business Facebook page. In addition to that, having a Twitter account as well as a LinkedIn account help to increase your reach to your potential and current clients. Having all three, in addition to whatever else you may choose, makes it easier and more likely that you will be seen by more people, since not everyone will be following one particular platform.

LinkedIn seems to be the most business-oriented option, with little to no social interaction. It is focused on making connections that will allow you to expand your reach, get input on problems or questions you may have, share your knowledge with others, and get recommendations for your products or services from others in your network.

Whether you’ve only considered dipping your toe into the Social Media pool or have completely taken the plunge, if you think you could use some help starting or managing this part of your business, contact MCBS and we’ll help make it happen for you.