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Track Guest Preferences

Maintaining a database that allows you to track your guest preferences allows you to specifically target them and make them feel special. Using this information to communicate with them can help bring them back.

Whether they like a certain season, a special annual festival, a specific museum or artist, or they follow a favorite sports team or chef, being armed with this information gives you a reason to let them know what’s coming up and remind them you’re there, waiting to welcome them back.

Whatever it is that brought them to you in the first place is the best place to start. Communicate to them that their favorite theatre has a new play starting soon; let them know a new exhibit is opening at a nearby museum; or that a local restaurant has a new chef or has just announced a new, seasonal menu. Or better yet, if they have a favorite room that is always booked and you find yourself with an unexpected cancellation, send them an email letting them know that room is available.

Once you engage your guests in conversation and find out what other interests they have, maybe something they didn’t have time for during their first visit, be sure to make a note and enter that information into your database for future reference. Then when the time is right, remind them of what they missed the first time and share what you know about it, encouraging them to try a slower time of year when the crowds are smaller.

Tracking preferences and using that information will help you bring guests back again and again.

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