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Why reach out to previous guests?

To keep them coming back, of course! Keeping in touch with people who have stayed with you in the past  is the best way to ensure they will stay with you again. If you help your previous guests remember who you are, where you are, and what you have to offer that is special or unique, the odds of them returning are much higher than if they never hear from you after they leave.

They most likely visited you for the first time because there was something about your area, or maybe even your property, that appealed to them. If you can tune into whatever that is when they’re with you, you can use that knowledge to help increase your business by letting them know what else is happening that would appeal to them so they’ll just have to return.

An easy way to stay in touch and keep your name at the top of their minds is to send an occasional newsletter, or even make periodic blog posts to let them know what’s happening in your world.

The most cost effective method is via email, which means when your guests reserve or register, it’s important to ask for a current email address. Assure them you won’t give it to anyone else, but you will definitely use it to let them know when you have special packages or other offers for returning guests.

This is an easy way to put more heads in your beds and increase your bottom line.

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