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Encourage Your Guests to Return

An effective way to increase business is to communicate with your previous guests and encourage them to visit a second time in the same year. Most tourism-focused locations have one, or maybe two, main seasons when you see most of your traffic. A few notable exceptions would be locations where you have fairly consistent weather year round.

The rest of us who live in seasonal regions know that there are still lots of great things to see and do during the “off” and “shoulder” seasons; things that the majority of our guests know nothing about.

By letting them know about whatever your region has going for it, it’s possible to get them to come twice in one year, thus increasing your revenue and creating a loyal guest who will return again and again.

Even if nothing special is happening, the suggestion of easier reservations in restaurants, plenty of parking for shopping, or un-crowded museums can bring people back. Something as simple as the suggestion of a crackling fire to snuggle up next to with a good book, or just a quieter pace that is perfect for relaxing and unwinding could very well plant a seed that will grow into another visit. It’s certainly worth a try.

Living in southern New England, one of my favorite things to tell people is that after the beautiful autumn leaves have fallen and all of the trees are bare, there is so much more to be seen in the woods along the roads … things that are totally hidden most of the year.

Communicating with your previous guests is an easy way to put more heads in your beds and increase your bottom line.

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