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What’s New?

Many of us ask that question of friends and family all the time. We all love hearing about something that’s happening with people or places we know. It keeps us connected; keeps us in the know; and is also why Facebook is so popular.

The next time you do something new at your property, or there is something new happening in your region, take the time to share that news with your previous guests.

When you update a room, or put new linens and/or bedding in the rooms, or upgrade the landscaping, or add something new to the menu, let ALL of the guests in your database know about it. Whatever you’re doing could be the catalyst that brings them back.

When a new restaurant opens, or a tried and true one gets a new chef or changes their culinary focus, let your guests know. If a new cultural attraction is launched or is planning a special exhibit for an upcoming season, let your guests know. If a world debut play is opening at a local theatre, share the news. Keep your guests informed of seasonal activities that interest them, such as improvements at a nearby ski area, or upgrades to the town beach, or a new extension to a favorite bicycling rail trail.

Whatever your region specializes in, whatever brings guests to your locale, let them know what’s new to keep them coming back so they can once again experience what they love about your area. That helps you put more heads in your beds and increase your bottom line.

If you found this information valuable, or know someone who might, please feel free to share.