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Change is in the air

Wow. It’s the end of August already. That can mean different things to different people, but for almost all of us it means some kind of change is in the air.

For some it means kids are going back to school, or the holiday season is about to begin. For some it means time to step up the harvest and start putting up food for the long winter to come. For some it means time to start thinking about changing clothing to better suit  seasonal temperatures. For some it means time to transition one favorite outdoor sport to another, or the anticipation of the glorious autumn colors and cool crisp air. For some it means the end to the frenetic busy season and a chance to take a breath.

Whatever your circumstances, or those of your guests, now is a good time to communicate with them and share some special things that will be happening in the coming months. If you’re in an area known for its foliage, remind your guests to book now to avoid disappointment. If you do something special for various holidays, get the word out now, whether they’re coming in a few weeks or a couple of months. If you’re in a winter sports region, remind people of the great places they can play nearby. Or simply suggest shoulder season activities that are easier to access with smaller crowds to contend with.

Any one of these messages has the potential to bring people back simply by reminding them you’re there, waiting to take care of them. If you choose to add an enticement to sweeten the deal, that’s your choice, and may be a consideration for your slower times. After all, any business (income) is usually better than none at all. So check your guest database for information and send appropriate messages to bring them back. The little bit of time it takes could prove to be a great benefit to your bottom line.