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Package Options

Build-Your-Own-Package-Options: Choose the services listed here that will best serve your needs. There are numerous ways to communicate with your customers (current and previous) and track their preferences. Taking advantage of the options listed below will help you stay in touch with your guests and clients to bring them back and turn them into loyal patrons who will support you for years.

Database creation/maintenance

MCBS will set up a database with as many columns/topics as you like, to allow you to track information about your customers.

With occasional input from you, MCBS will maintain and keep current your existing database (your creation or ours). We will contact you periodically to ask for updates.

First-time customer hand-written postcard  

MCBS can design, print, hand address and mail a “Thank You for Patronizing Us” postcard to first time customers. Services can include one or all of the activities listed.

Online Newsletter

Newsletter template designed and content compiled by MCBS and emailed to your contacts through Constant Contact®.

Content about you and your business to be obtained from your answers to a brief survey sent to you, plus any additional thoughts you wish to add.

Frequency (your choice): annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, seasonal

Periodic Blog

Blog topics and content (obtained from survey and any additional input from you) compiled by MCBS and emailed to your contacts through Constant Contact®.

Frequency (your choice): quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, other

Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

With this option MCBS will maintain regular posts, with your occasional input, to whichever account(s) you choose, setting up accounts if necessary. We can take excerpts from articles you’ve written, or from tips and ideas you have for your clients, make them short and to-the-point and present posts your clients (current and potential) will be eager to read.

Website consultation: Your webmaster spends time discussing options with our web expert on how to optimize every piece of your website, your most valuable marketing tool.