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What if you had truly loyal guests?

What if every guest you liked became a loyal customer who visited more than once a year? What if each time they returned they brought a different new guest with them? What if you could also turn those new guests into additional loyal customers? How great would that be? How much higher would your overall occupancy rate be and how much easier would it be to pay your bills?

You have the power to increase the odds of this wonderful scenario becoming a reality right at your fingertips. All it takes is some active listening, a little bit of note taking, some occasional action on your part and you’ll have some of these great guests for as long as you want.

If you’ve been reading some of my other posts you’ll quickly have picked up on a theme. The power of staying in touch with people who already know you and what you have to offer, with the desired end result being creating truly loyal guests, is pretty amazing.

When you remind people you’re there, waiting to take care of them and help them escape the stresses of their everyday lives, you greatly increase the odds that they’ll return. Take a little extra time to make them feel special, like they really mean something to you, and you’ve created a loyal repeat guest who will then sing your praises to everyone they know.

Go one small step further and offer a bonus each time they refer a friend and not only will you stay “top of mind” with them, but you will also encourage their support because there’s something in it for them.

The bonus need not be monetary if you’d rather not go there. A small, personal touch, a locally produced item, flowers/chocolates/wine, etc. in their room on their next arrival, tickets to a show, whatever you have at your disposal that is out of   the ordinary will make a wonderful, lasting impression. It will also work to retain the loyalty of this great guest who will help you grow your business. Just think “what if…?” and let your imagination and creativity take over. You’ll love the end result !