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Efficient, effective, creative

“I am writing to you to give a testimonial and reference for the wonderfully talented and delightful Sheena Evans-Morris.  I first came to know this vivacious and sweet person several years ago when she was visiting from England, and I was so grateful and excited a few years later when she was able to work for the congregation where I served as a minister, from 2004 until the present.  (I have recently moved on, but she is still keeping the place running well!)  Sheena is efficient, effective, creative, responsible, reliable and incredibly cheerful, which makes it great to work with her.  Her organizational skills and innovations were greatly needed by the church when she came as our first secretary/administrator.  She is a self-starter, very flexible, and able to adjust to the ever-changing needs of the church.  We needed her to work both out of the church office and from her home office, and she was able to coordinate everything perfectly, wherever she was.  I heartily recommend Sheena for her administrative and secretarial and organizational skills, as well as her personal qualities – she’s superb and will be an asset to anyone’s business.”   Sincerely, Rev. Kathy Duhon