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Overflowing with praise

“I wish that I could write a nice, succinct, cogent and appropriate paragraph for you to use on your web page, but when I think of all that you have done for me and Brady over the years I am not at a loss for words, on the contrary, I overflow with words and will just have to leave the editing up to you. I remember so well the day that I looked out the window and saw you tripping up the path to our front door. You were so well dressed for the occasion. You looked exactly like what everyone would want in a secretary. You carried with you a folder (or briefcase) under your arm and I could hear the click of your high heels on the slate of the walkway. You walked briskly and the sun caught your red hair as you waited for Brady to answer the door bell. He invited you in and introduced you to me and after a brief bit of ‘getting to know you’ conversation, you two went to Brady’s office and began work on the book of family history that he was getting together in order to pass  on to our children. I have forgotten how much time it took to bring the project to fruition, but I do know how immensely pleased and proud he was of the accomplishment that resulted from having your help. I never heard him say one word of anything but the highest praise for your work and for your attitude and skills. Therefore, when I was inspired to do some memoir writing myself, naturally I gave you a call. And I too have nothing but the highest praise to describe the work that you have helped me with as well.”   Written by Grace Brown.  (Brady Brown was the first client of Sheena’s Secretarial Services)